Shaina Silva is an award winning entrepreneur, ecosystem architect, and digital transformation strategist. She is the founder of the #SHE_BUILDS Global Initiative,  an international platform that exists to accelerate social, economic, and environmental progress in Haiti by equipping entrepreneurs, innovators, and change makers with the tools to scale their impact.

Shaina’s career has focused primarily on driving digital transformation strategies for businesses and organizations across the globe. Currently, she works on Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) platforms at Facebook Oculus, designing solutions that enable businesses to create immersive virtual experiences that deepen connection, communication, education and collaboration. Previously, Shaina was the Director of Industry Accelerators at RocketSpace in San Francisco, where she designed and managed programs focused on driving corporate innovation for fortune 500 companies.

Prior to moving to San Francisco, Shaina spent considerable time building innovation ecosystems in emerging markets across Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, working alongside Government and Private sector to lead digital transformation initiatives across industries including Energy, Transportation, Healthcare, Food & Agriculture, Education, and Finance. 

Shaina is a graduate of Babson College, and an alumni of Draper University and Singularity University. She was selected as an Innovation Talent for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and continues to drive impact in emerging markets as a board member of Affiniti.VC, IMISI3D, Fotokonbit, Shuttlers, and Banj. In recognition of her work, service and accomplishments, she’s been awarded the Institute of Caribbean Studies’ “30 under 30, Emerging Leaders Award”, Babson College’s ‘Nan-Langowitz Women Who Make a Difference Award’, and is a proud recipient of ‘The Shelby Cullom Davis Entrepreneurship Prize’.